CFS Bridge Finance, a finance company offering traditional investment banking solutions to innovative, outcome-oriented businesses now offers commercial vehicle finance for small to medium businesses.

Commercial auto loans are used by businesses to purchase vehicles for work-related or business operations. Acquiring commercial vehicle finance is a good option for small to medium scale companies that need one or a fleet of vehicles to use long term. 

Having a business and being in a competitive industry has its fair share of limitations that may not give business owners the flexibility they need to function at full speed. That’s why commercial vehicle finance represents a much better value for money than companies resorting to the traditional buying outright approach. This can work in favour of businesses that are just starting and have fewer resources to maximise their potential.

Offering commercial vehicle finance makes CFS Bridge Finance one of the few debt providers who can provide both traditional and innovative solutions for the mid-market. Marvin Yee, the Managing Partner of CFS Bridge Finance says: “In a fast-changing world, we help businesses and investors achieve higher value outcomes by staying ahead of the curve on our thinking patterns.” He continues, “Our team of investment bankers brings expertise from throughout the world and deep understanding of the fast-changing modern business playing field.”

Businesses who require finance for a light truck, a courier van, or a specialised truck can rely on CFS Bridge Finance’s commercial vehicle financing to answer to their business call. Interested parties only need to send a loan request form to send to 

Specialising in commercial lending, CFS Bridge Finance can also assist in capital structure analysis, balance sheet restructuring, raising debt, business and financial analysis, and financial modelling.

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